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I have a tendency to crush on fictional characters.

Book Review

Phoenix (Death Rose #1) - Melanie Tushmore

When I was young teen, I fell in love with a rock band and its guitar player. Full stop, this love affair lasted years. I'd go into the head shops on weekends looking for posters, tees, bootlegs... anything and everything. I saw them in concert, hell a certain summer I even followed them from venue to venue. When I was 17 or so not only were they playing in my city again but a local radio station had set up a soccer game, band vs DJs. This game was scheduled on a school day but...

My friend and I were there early, our spot staked out and everything, but my fave wasn't playing. What!? Seriously. But not all hope was lost. There, on the other side of the pitch... Gasp!? I still have his autograph and the picture of us together. It was awesome insane, totally worth losing my house keys and getting a weird sunburn.