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Elci - reading is so her thing.

I have a tendency to crush on fictional characters.

Black Hawk Tattoo - Aundrea Singer 3.5* It was set in Toronto - my hometown!! Woot Woot!! It was awesome to read the street names and know exactly where that is. I seriously want to go find to Atlantis Ink and have Gabe tat me up. Seriously. So, Jake, a retired soldier suffering from some serious PTSD, wants a tattoo and he goes into Gabe's shop. This story is mainly about Jake and how he and everyone else deals with his PTSD. It was a heartbreaking actually. I liked how the romance was totally on the DL as Jake has way too many issues. It was cool how everything was not resolved quickly. It ended with a HFN working towards a HEA. Though I found Hype (secondary character) to be annoying and not bring anything to the story.