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Elci - reading is so her thing.

I have a tendency to crush on fictional characters.

Iron Butterfly - mousegirl05 10 year old Ny (a human) is sent away by his abusive father to become an apprentice at the Northern High Water Temple on the planet El. His father thinks Ny is a failure for being to weak and pathetic and hopes this will toughen Ny up and turn him into a man. The planet El that had been at war with the human planet. Say hello to hatred, intolerance and abuse. Ny makes friends with a group of other apprentices one of whom is Gael, second to the throne. They become his saving grace.

This is a story about a teenage boy finding friendship and love while dealing with hatred and abuse and trying to prove himself worthy of his father.

This was just an awesome story. Ny just broke my heart and the things he deals with all due to intolerance made me shed some tears. He tried to be so strong to the point that I wanted to smack him for not sharing more with his friends especially Gael. The story spans about 7 or so years. I liked how Ny learns of his own strength and how it's not a sign of weakness to rely on others.

This is mpreg, but the pregnancy comes only at the end and is not the focus of the story.