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Elci - reading is so her thing.

I have a tendency to crush on fictional characters.


Six Ways from Sunday - Mercy Celeste

So, is it bad that I've let  reviews influence me? I so loved the first book in the Southern Scrimmage series; it just gave me a ton of feels. The author, as is her right,  does a number on Bo and Dylan in the subsequent books or so I've read. So, fts. Gonna pretend the series ended at the first book.  Plus double GFY (third book). Really?!


Ravages - R a Padmos

Just gutted. Seriously. This book is slow, intense, fabulous, emotional and lyrical. Just pass me the Kleenex already.

"When painting
bamboo sprouts,
remember the man
who planted them. "

Chinese Proverb


I'm on a Joyee Flynn kick. What's up with that?

Happy Friday the 13th! Meet Good Luck Black Cats

Whether you believe in Friday 13th bad luck or not, we wish you all the best and all the luck. Btw, we think the superstition about bad luck black cats was made up by white cats' gang. Just look at those pics! Black cats are no-bad-luck book lovers!


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Happy Friday the 13th and good luck! ;-)

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The Magpie Lord - K.J. Charles

This was soooo good. Really good. The word building,  the characters... all of it was just a treat to read. It ended as a HFN, but there's more coming so I'm sure the relationship will become more established. All I can say is I can't wait for the sequel*.

*I'm not sure if I'm going to read it. It contains the giant rats of Sumatra and uh, I hate rodents. With the awesome word building and dialogue I'm sure my mind will clearly imagine said rodents and uh no. 


Shades of Gray - Brooke McKinley

What's it say about me or the book that the only reason I finished it was because it was part of a reading challenge? One star is for Miller's name. I like first name as last names. I really do.


What would you do for the person you loved? That's the question that Miller (closeted FBI Agent) was faced with. He was in charge of Danny's (drug dealer / informant)case. Never mind the fact that having an affair with someone in Witness Protection is a huge no-no. Anyway, this was an ok read. I didn't connect with Miller - enough with the getting engaged with the female he's using as his beard to prove he's straight. He just didn't think things through at all and this surprised me coming from a big deal FBI agent. Danny, I liked.  I hate Gay For You stories.


The Sky Is Dead - Sue  Brown

You know, I just don't understand how Harry, oops I mean Jack didn't recognize his first great love. Uh, yeah.

Leather+Lace - A.B. Gayle

The first half was just ok, but the second half was awe-summ.  I really liked the plot... what happens when BDSM is not sane, safe and/or consensual? What are the after effects to the  sub? This book dealt with thIs. It was very nice change from the shitty BDSM books  out there where the Doms suck at after care and have never heard of sane safe and  consensual. 


I'm struggling so much with my latest read.  It's just a little *yawn*.  I want something nice and shiny to come and distract me. 

Medium, Sweet, Extra Shot of Geek - R. Cooper

Is it bad that the best part for me was how Tavio could make cute designs with coffee foam? Now, that's a talent.

Emotionally crippling books
Emotionally crippling books
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Easy Ryder

Easy Ryder - Deanna Wadsworth

What an awesome fabulous read. Just great. Anything else is going to seem so ugh right now, I can already tell.