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Elci - reading is so her thing.

I have a tendency to crush on fictional characters.

Stones in the road

Just, yeah... I hated everyone (never Noah) at some point in this book and at  different times I wanted to punch them  (never Noah).  Seriously, this was a book full of feels, awesome writing and tear inducing moments. Great great read.



Good thing I was alone because there were many tears shed.


Dear book,

I was so looking forward to reading you.

Thanks for breaking my heart, you kinda suck.



What's up with the parental units?

Vassily the Beautiful - Angel Martinez

I really enjoyed  this book, especially the second part. I still don't understand Vassily's mother, her actions were so incongruous to the whole loving mother thing. Regardless a fun read was had. 


Oh, I also liked the original cover better.

Should have come with a TL/DR

Loving Instincts - S.J. Frost

Holy cow was this thing f'en long.

Fab read.

It's Christmas Everywhere But Here - Liam Grey


It's so so so awesome when a book pops up on my feed (Booklikes - thanks Ami) and the review just catches my eye. In this case, it led me to this book and all I can say is I'm glad.


The only thing I'd like is a prequel. It'd be great to find out how Russel and Dave met, how the children handled a new dad, how Dave became a full time dad... just little questions.


Great great read.

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Book Review

Phoenix (Death Rose #1) - Melanie Tushmore

When I was young teen, I fell in love with a rock band and its guitar player. Full stop, this love affair lasted years. I'd go into the head shops on weekends looking for posters, tees, bootlegs... anything and everything. I saw them in concert, hell a certain summer I even followed them from venue to venue. When I was 17 or so not only were they playing in my city again but a local radio station had set up a soccer game, band vs DJs. This game was scheduled on a school day but...

My friend and I were there early, our spot staked out and everything, but my fave wasn't playing. What!? Seriously. But not all hope was lost. There, on the other side of the pitch... Gasp!? I still have his autograph and the picture of us together. It was awesome insane, totally worth losing my house keys and getting a weird sunburn.

Freedom to Read
Freedom to Read


Stories Beneath Our Skin - Veronica Sloane

I'm not a fan of age gap books, it's a thing with me. This though, was really good.  It could have been crazy dark and crazy melodramatic, but it wasn't. Subtle, lyrical. It allowed us to see Ace and Liam's relationship.


Look Away Silence - Edward C. Patterson

This book breaks me, just thinking about it and I'm crying.

Need to find some good tentacle porn.

Oh sugar...
Oh sugar...